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New Chumney & Associates Products: Facebook Collection Ads and Enhanced Visitor Promotion

At Chumney & Associates, our Digital Solutions division constantly stays on top of trends that will improve your online presence and drive more traffic into your showroom. Check out two of our recent additions to our digital advertising and digital marketing product offerings.

Give Shoppers an Immersive Shopping Experience with Facebook Collection Ads

The Facebook Collection Ad is a mobile-exclusive format that provides a method for shoppers to learn, consider, and engage with your latest vehicle specials.  By using a special layout, we make it easy for these in-market prospects to view more of your inventory in one place.

Facebook Collection Ad

This is how the Facebook Collection Ad appears in the Facebook News Feed.

Facebook Collection Ad

When Facebook users select the ad, this is the display they will see. When they click on a vehicle, they will be directed to the vehicle inventory page on your website.

We lead off with your factory-approved sales event, reinforce with call-to-actions, and then we deliver a carousel of live inventory that keeps the shopper’s interest piqued.  Your ad is also visible in several places – including the Facebook News Feed, Marketplace, and Instagram – for maximum exposure.

Watch Your Website Leads Skyrocket with Our Enhanced Visitor Promotion

With Chumney & Associates’ new Enhanced Visitor Promotion (EVP), you’ll be able to spark interaction with every area of your dealership. Every time online shoppers enter or exit a page on your website, they’ll encounter a customized message that either introduces money-saving deals on vehicles or encourages them to contact your dealership.

Enhanced Visitor Promotion


Promote a down payment assistance special when they visit or leave your home page. Suggest they schedule a service appointment when they click on or away from a service department page. One of our test clients experienced 100 more leads after adding EVP to their website. Another client had 250 more leads, thanks to this program.

Contact Chumney & Associates today and speak with us about our Facebook Collection Ads or our Enhanced Visitor Promotion, and watch your online engagement soar!