3 Tips for Writing for Social Media

Social media offers one of the fastest ways your dealership can engage with current and potential customers. However, you must make sure the copy for your posts is likely to encourage interaction. Here are three tips that will help you with your social media writing skills.

  1. Keep it short, keep it simple. You want to try to keep your message within 50 characters. Any more than that, and you’ll find that your engagement rates will fall. In fact, studies show that social media posts that are as short as 11 characters are among some of the most shared posts.
  2. Save the professional messages for your website. Your tone on your dealership’s social media pages should focus on creating positive connections between your business and the public. It’s called social media for a reason! Introduce your topic in a friendly, upbeat way and then link them to details.
  3. Try engaging your audience by including a Call to Action or CTA. Use a question or compelling statement to introduce the topic, then follow up with a clear, direct call to action such as “Read more” or “Click here!” By encouraging your audience to take action, you’ll have better engagement rates and your posts will receive even more views. But don’t forget, keep it short and simple! You don’t want to confuse your audiences with multiple calls to action on one post.

Social media allows you to connect to audiences in a way that hasn’t always been possible. With these tips, you’ll find more people interacting with your pages, and you’ll maintain a better relationship with your loyal customers. The Social Media Management Department at Chumney & Associates can also handle all your social media needs. Simply contact us today for more information.