Ways to increase customer feedback

How You Can Inspire Customer Feedback

A happy customer leaves your dealership with the vehicle of their choice. Naturally, as a business owner, you want to understand why this person decided to buy from your store. You send them the usual request for customer feedback and anxiously await their response. But it never comes.

Those who depend on customer feedback when it comes to solidifying future business strategies might find this common issue quite disheartening. Convincing someone to send you their thoughts has become an impossible task. How do we inspire customers to share their opinions with us so we can create the ideal experience for them in the future?

Consumers are busier than ever, and we have to persuade them to spend their time answering our questions. Luckily, there are some easy tactics you can use to increase your response rates and find out the information you desperately need to know.

Use Real People When Reaching Out

A customer is more likely to engage in a conversation with your company if they know a real person is doing the talking. Automated responses can seem insincere and cause someone to ignore your request. A genuine response crafted by one of your employees could have the opposite effect. Also, instead of using a generic customer service email, you could include the general manager’s email address or the email of the sales employee involved. Having a person to contact directly makes your company more accessible to the consumer and creates a better discussion.

Tell Them Why You’re Contacting Them

Always explain why you are contacting someone specifically. You could say, “We noticed you visited our online inventory pages and would like your feedback about your experience using the search tools.” This creates a personalized experience that feels more sincere than if you simply said, “Hey, we’d like your feedback.” You also might get a response that shares more detailed information, allowing you to better target this customer with your marketing efforts. For example, they might tell you they were looking for a specific style of SUV for their family and that your tools helped them find some good options. You can then send follow-up information about types of SUVs that you think will fit their needs.

Keep Your Questions Short

As mentioned before, consumers are incredibly busy. They aren’t going to give up their time to complete long surveys or complicated questionnaires, even if they want to share their thoughts with you. Many companies have turned to straightforward, one-question surveys that require little effort from the consumer. Make your questions simple, short, and easy to answer. Your responses will certainly increase if the contacted customer can quickly share their opinions and move on with their day.

Be More Specific

Along with keeping your questions short, you also need to make them more specific. Asking questions that are too broad requires more effort from the consumer, and even if they do respond, it might not be helpful information for your business. Narrow your line of questioning to a specific service at your dealership, such as sales or finance. For example, instead of asking if they found your overall customer service helpful, ask if they enjoyed the car search tools you offer or the financial help they received.

Refining your customer feedback strategies with the right tactics allows you to better target the car buyers in your desired market. At Chumney & Associates, we help you create dynamic marketing and advertising campaigns for your dealership. We connect you to consumers in unique ways and generate stronger leads for future sales. Contact us today to learn about our digital marketing and advertising services.