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Four Reasons Why Radio Is Still Relevant

There’s no denying our digital footprint is taking up more and more space. Digital usage is integrated into all facets of life: social connections, financial/banking, news, streaming entertainment, shopping. It may seem as though the old school ways of doing business are not as relevant;  however, traditional advertising, like radio, is still a viable part of the media mix.

  1. Year over year, consumers are spending more time with all forms of media, with a notable increase in digital. However, the percentage of time spent with radio has remained consistent. Over 90% of U.S. adults 18 and older listen to radio each week, the highest reach across platforms. Daily, the average time spent listening to radio, is 1.75 hours. That’s over 12 hours a week you can reach out to potential customers!
  2. The radio ad format provides four main benefits: 30 seconds of dedicated user attention, targeting audience based on format, frequency of the message and driving home catchy jingles.
  3. One of radio’s most important listening environments is the car. You can connect with engaged listeners one-on-one with a creative message. Running a radio campaign in conjunction with a digital campaign reinforces the overall message.
  4. Local radio is about community. Radio is able to connect with the local audience through live broadcasts that are relevant (news in your market), familiar on-air personalities the listener can connect with, and local in-person promotions and events in the area (toy drives, kids’ events, concert ticket promos, fundraising for local needs).

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