Google's Dealer Guidebook 2.0 Is Now Available

Google’s Dealer Guidebook 2.0 Is Now Available

As of February, Google’s Dealer Guidebook 2.0 is now available as a free download. With shoppers seeing and hearing dozens of digital ads before they ever walk into a dealership, you need valuable tools like this one. This document will show you how Google Ads can help your dealership create campaigns that will yield high impacts at the lowest cost possible.

Google has collected crucial data about what consumers think about when buying a car – such as the 2017 study that found that 95% of vehicle buyers find information using digital sources. Statistics such as these, along with Google’s advice on structuring your messages to reach shoppers, make this guidebook a must-have for your marketing team.

Once you’ve downloaded the Dealer Guidebook 2.0, go ahead and download the Google Dealership ROI calculator to see how Google Ads affects your dealership. Then contact us. Chumney & Associates is a Google Premier Partner, so we’re uniquely poised to implement these strategies for you today.