Instagram Puts You On The Map

With around 500 million active monthly users, Instagram is an undeniably powerful platform in the world of social media. Creating and engaging with content can do more than make a few new friends. It can put a business on the map. As more users join the Instagram community, the platform only becomes a more powerful tool for marketing to an endless sea of niche populations.

The key to growing an Instagram presence isn’t just about posting pretty pictures. Instagram is a social network, above all else, and the best way to expand your reach to potential clients is to engage with them! Not only does engaging with other users and local businesses on Instagram put you on the digital map, it establishes your business as a pillar in your community. Despite Instagram’s massive user base, you have the opportunity to really root into a niche market by using targeted hashtags, geotagging, and interactions with the clients and industries that you want to be associated with. A Nissan dealer in Spain recently sold a car exclusively on Twitter, after all. With creativity and a solid strategy, the possibilities are endless.