The importance of Google's RankBrain

The Importance of Google’s RankBrain

Nearly four years ago, when Google confirmed the existence of its core algorithm called “RankBrain,” the announcement signaled the end of keyword-focused strategy and the beginning of the effort to predict a user’s intent. Before this algorithm, sites had to create exact keyword phrases to ensure high placement in search results. By using factors such as a searcher’s location, personalization and wording in a query, RankBrain can interpret intent and has helped Google evolve with a three-step process:

  1. Taking users’ queries and recognizing topical patterns
  2. Finding similar past queries
  3. Locating the content that provides the best answers

Google can then deliver the sites they feel are the most authoritative on that topic. In some cases, sites on the first page of results might not even include the actual keywords used in the search! Therefore, including the right keywords verbatim should no longer be the primary goal of your website copy. You should focus your efforts on creating content that serves as a trusted source for Google users.

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