5 Benefits of Facebook Ads over Boosted Posts

While there’s no denying that promoting your dealership campaigns on Facebook is a must-do these days, making sure you are stretching your Facebook advertising dollar as far as it will go is also a must. What some businesses don’t realize is that boosting Facebook posts is not the same as using Facebook Ads. The latter brings you the most bang for your advertising buck possible. In this post, we break down the advantages of using Facebook Ads instead of Boosted Facebook Posts.

Expand your goals

Boosting your Facebook posts provides only two objectives, either website visits or post engagement. For your Facebook Ad, you can select an objective from three categories – awareness, consideration, and conversion. You can select a goal like reach, traffic, conversions, store visits, lead generation, and several more, and then you can maximize your spending toward that goal.

Choose where your ads go

Instead of letting Facebook decide where your ads will run, chose those places for yourself. You have the options of the desktop and/or mobile News Feed, Right Column, Instant Articles, Instagram Feed or Stories, and more.

Schedule your ads when you want them to run

The Ad Scheduling feature, or Dayparting, lets you set a recurring schedule of when your ads will run automatically.

Create your perfect audience

Your website engagement, email lists, Facebook Page engagement, and Instagram become the basis for a lookalike audience that Facebook can create for you. They’ll find a whole new group of people to target that is similar to your current audience.

Customize conversion tracking

Use Facebook Pixel to track standard events on your website – such as View Content, Lead, Purchase, and Complete Registration, to name a few – but you can also customize up to 40 different conversion values by pairing events with specific visited links. These custom conversions can also help you hypertarget your audience.

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