Video Is King: Is it part of your video advertising strategy?

Are video ads part of your digital advertising strategy?  I’ve got 150 reasons why they should be, and that’s the average number of times we check our mobile device each day.  When you combine that with the fact that YouTube is the #2 search engine next to Google itself, the answer is pretty clear – you need to be there.

Video ads work because of the winning combination of sight, sound, motion, and broad reach like TV, but with the added benefit of reporting and targeting options just like search and display networks.

Video viewers may be higher in the decision process; they need answers.  Video delivers on those needs instantly, and the most successful automotive messages will go big, go fast, and grab hold without letting go.

Go beyond simply creating a commercial (where people don’t choose to watch), and think like a content creator:

  1. Entertain to hold interest
  2. Educate to provide answers and credibility
  3. Inspire to build purpose and relatability

What would YOU want to watch?

There are skippable and non-skip video options available based on your goals and needs, which I cover in another session.  Til next time