Video Everywhere

Video Everywhere: Get Ahead Of Your Competition and Reach Customers Wherever They Are!

Imagine reaching hundreds of thousands of potential car buyers for mere pennies per person. Video Everywhere from Chumney & Associates can do just that. Your TV commercials can now be delivered to an additional audience consuming TV content on non-traditional platforms via video on-demand and online streaming, thus creating an all-inclusive, multi-layered media TV saturation strategy.

The name says it all. Our Video Everywhere program integrates your message into a far-reaching media network of content providers. Our media experts select the highest-quality providers of live-stream programming and digital mediums. Your message is seen and heard by consumers through on-demand programming, online streaming providers, apps, websites, social media, and gas stations! As a result, you get an expanded audience exposure for your commercial, keeping your dealership top of mind and ahead of the competition when consumers are ready to purchase.

With Video Everywhere, you’re reaching viewers no matter where, when, or how they’re consuming video content. Shoppers watch video on virtually every available screen these days – computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, smart TVs and even at the gas pump. With streaming viewership surging higher every day, it is essential to have a presence in a highly targetable medium that goes beyond the confines of the living room television.

Let Chumney & Associates help you harness the power of video and get ahead of your competition! Contact us today for more information.