Mobile First: Speak to Your Customers Through Voice Search

Over the past decade, the question “What did we do without the internet?” has quickly morphed into “What did we do without smartphones?” The convenience and speed of these handheld devices has become easier to use now that voice search is more popular and accurate and now that search engines can detect questions and offer the most relevant answer at the top of the results. In fact, the preference of voice search means that mobile search will eventually overtake desktop searches. Therefore, in order to dominate the results of mobile voice searches, your dealership site’s content must respond to your shoppers’ inquiries by providing the information they want to know.

To start, you need to anticipate the questions auto shoppers will use for their online searches. Focus on the phrasing of the questions. Voice search users don’t say only one or two keywords; they ask a question as if they were talking with someone. However, the simpler the questions, the more likely the search engine is to provide the information itself — such as questions about measurement conversions or sports scores. Focusing your content on the questions that show intent (“when” and “where”) and less so on the ones that show interest (“how” and “what/who”) will make it less likely that the search engine will answer the question.

In addition to creating content that caters to these questions, another helpful idea is to create an FAQ page for your site that lists the questions. Begin your answers with some of the exact phrases in the question while, once again, keeping the tone conversational. In turn, search engines will pick up that your site has the information the user wants and display that page higher in the search results.

If you’re not sure whether your dealership’s site is voice search-friendly, you can always contact Chumney & Associates. We can help optimize your pages so that you’re responding to shoppers’ requests with answers that take the lead in the search results. Our Mobile First philosophy means we have the tools and the staff to ensure your content is visible by your customers wherever they are.