four characteristics of solid email responses

Four Characteristics of Solid Email Responses

Your first online interaction with shoppers sometimes makes the difference between a sale made and a sale lost. That’s why Chumney & Associates’ digital marketers secretly shop our clients’ websites to survey their responses. Our team looks for key markers of exceptional customer service in each response. Good responses should be timely, sound professional, connect with the customer, and encourage interaction.

An (almost) immediate response

Online car shoppers should hear from you within minutes of their first inquiry and receive 2 follow-up emails within 24 hours. Show them that you want their business. Remember, if you don’t get to them first, your competitors will.

Personalized professionalism

Address shoppers by their first name, but don’t be lazy with your language. Follow professional letter etiquette for each response with a proper greeting and closing and by expressing your appreciation for the customers’ interest. Most importantly, make sure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes.

Customer connection

Email responses provide several opportunities to connect with your customers, starting with the subject line. As the first thing they see in their inboxes, it must make them want to open the email. Address them by name to make it personal. Tell them exactly what’s inside – whether it be the vehicle price from their original inquiry, why they should buy from you, or a trade-in value. Using a gimmicky subject line will make shoppers think your email belongs in the spam folder.

Once shoppers are reading your response, make sure you’re following through with the subject line. Give them the exact details they asked for in their first contact with you. Show them the MSRP and discount price for the auto they are interested in. By doing so, you make their car shopping experience easier, and they’ll appreciate you for it.

Don’t forget to let customers know why they should buy from you. You’re competing with other local dealerships. What sets you apart from the rest? Talk about special amenities, exclusive programs, or convenient services you offer.

Customer engagement

Connecting with your shoppers is one goal. Your next should be getting them to reach out to you. Provide links or buttons in your email response that persuade customers to visit your website. Promote a Value Your Trade option or your online finance application. Encourage them to schedule their test drive by phrasing the question as if you’re already counting on their visit – such as “When can I schedule your test drive?” You’ll illustrate your confidence that you’re offering the best deal.

If you’re wondering whether your dealership’s email responses are connecting with and engaging your online shoppers, feel free to contact Chumney & Associates today. We can help you craft messages that will turn online inquiries into sales.