Boost Business for Your Service Center with Retargeting

You want to move vehicles off your lot, but you also want those shoppers to become lifelong customers at your dealership. For many dealers, shoppers drive away in a new or used car but rarely or never return for vehicle service or repairs. The Cox Automotive 2016 Maintenance and Repair Study found that only 30% of total service visits take place at a dealership. The most popular reason car owners gave for not going back to the dealership was a “perceived lack of value (where value is represented by transparency and fair pricing).” One solution to this issue lies in your own Customer Relations Management (CRM) and showing shoppers’ your service department is a worthy option for routine vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Because you’re using your own first-party data and because you have endless ways to combine that data, you’re able to hyper-target a group of shoppers that have proven interest in your product or service. Narrow down that list to include customers who are overdue for service to offer specific service deals based on what the drivers’ needs would be at certain points in the ownership stage.

Once you’ve decided on the group to target, make sure you give them an offer that appeals to them. Being specific in your offer is important because doing so goes back to the perception of value. Instead of a generic percentage off a particular service, offer a set price in order to show customers how your prices are competitive with third-party service shops. You could also highlight a service you provide that third-party auto service shops do not, such as a free inspection or a free car wash with service appointment. Give your customers a reason to come back to you and not visit another repair shop.

With Chumney & Associates Digital Advertising, you can retain your customers’ business for sales and service. Our Customer Match allows us to match to more client data than simply email addresses. This expanded ability extends to name and phone number as well. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can help you.