ADA compliance third party vendors

ADA Compliance Third Party Vendors

In October, the Supreme Court denied a hearing to Domino’s appeal of a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decision. The court ruled that the pizza chain’s website should be ADA-compliant because it does provide access to its physical stores for delivery and pickup orders. This upholding of the lower court decision means automotive dealerships must ensure ADA compliance on their websites or face similar legal action.

Luckily, there are third party vendors who provide website tools to make sites ADA compliant. Different website providers use different vendors, but here’s a list of the main website providers our clients use and their associated ADA compliance tool vendors.

Website Provider             ADA Compliance Tool
CDK EqualWeb, Dealer Fire, & Dealer Inspire Audio Eye
Dealer eProcess, DealerOn, & Fox Dealer AccessiBe
FusionZone Adapt

While each tool might work a bit differently or have a different appearance, each one readily adapts to a host of potential impairments – including blindness, color blindness, epilepsy, dyslexia, motor impairment, and more. They also feature a voice reader that will read site content aloud as well as provide the ability for impaired shoppers to use voice commands. Installation is quick and easy – usually taking no more than 24 hours – and each tool regularly optimizes the sites regularly to confirm ADA compliance regulations are being met.

Be aware that these third-party tools are at an additional cost to you. If you currently are a Chumney & Associates client, speak with your Account Executive about these features. They will work with the Digital Marketing Representative to ensure these tools are implemented on your website. If you are not a Chumney & Associates client, feel free to contact us today to learn how our Digital Marketing Package can help you make sure you stay ADA compliant.