3 Options to Ensure Your Campaign Reaches Cord Cutters

In recent years, new studies have regularly touted the increase in TV viewers switching from cable to cheaper streaming services. Last year, a study done by the Consumer Technology Association found that not only had the number of streaming service subscribers increased yet again, but the number had also matched the amount of paid TV viewers. Last month, results made public by Nielsen’s Total Audience Reports showed that over the past four years, every age group except for one (65 and older) are spending less time watching live TV or recorded content.

These statistics seem bleak for television advertising, but don’t panic! This drop in viewers means only that you have to look at other options to get your message in front of their eyeballs. In fact, here are three choices to help you diversify your automotive advertising budget.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising provides easy ways to target shoppers and get the most for your money. Your data comes from your own customer database and provides endless possibilities of category combinations. It allows you to drill down to smaller and smaller groups of people and spend less money to do so. However, because you’re able to target specific demographics, you can target your message to answer their needs, in turn creating a higher rate of return on your advertising investment.

YouTube Ads

With YouTube’s expansion into original programming and paid TV service makes the site as attractive as a regular TV channel in terms of reaching customers. Your dealership commercials can roll before content with the option of skippable or non-skippable video.

Video Everywhere

Chumney & Associates’ all-inclusive Video Everywhere program takes your message to virtually every content provider – on-demand programming, online streaming providers, mobile apps, website, social media, and gas stations. You reach viewers no matter, where, when, or how they’re watching content. The best part? You’ll get in front of thousands of potential car buyers for mere pennies per person.

While the rise of cord cutters and decrease in traditional TV viewing doesn’t really mean the end of standard programming as we know it, auto dealers must definitely stay in front of the content consumption trends to broaden their advertising horizons. Contact Chumney & Associates today for more information about how we can help you saturate your local market.